About Us

Go Skate is anationwide movement to spread skateboardingthrough camps. Some of the most revered skateboard instructors in North America have partnered with Go Skate. Our movement focuses on creating experiences that stick with students for life.

In 2011, our movement held successful camps for:

-Bremen, GA Recreation Department
-Camp GansIsreal, Westport, CT
-Hernando County, FL Recreation.
-Kid Summer Camp of San Diego, CA
-Lawrence, KS Recreation Department
-Lexington, KY
-Marysville, WA
-Pearland, TX Recreation Department
-Pepperell Township, MA
-Riverton, CT
-Venice Beach, CA

We serve all communities regardless of location.

Safety Requirements.

Students are required to wear safety gear (helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads).

A good, durable pair of skate shoes is essential while you are learning to skateboard.. Skate shoes have strong rubber out soles that are meant to take a beating and will give you good traction as you ride.