The Best Video on How to Kickflip EVER


Make Sure Your Front Foot is Placed in Area it Can Flick Well

Your front foot positioning is more important that your back foot positioning, because this is the foot that dictates the kickflip. An angle or position which is off will throw off your flip. You will need to flick the board near an exact point (shown in the video). In order to hit this point, you need to not have your foot too far away from this point. You will also need to make sure that the end of your front foot aligns with this spot. (Watch the video above for more details)

Upper Body Positioning is Absolutely Crucial

In order to avoid what is known as “mobbed kickflips,” you must keep your shoulders and balance level. A “mobbed kickflip” is when the back of your board flips below the front. This is considered a style error. A proper kickflip should level in the air. The front and back should be lifted to the same height.

Keep your shoulders level and weight equally distributed between the front trucks and back trucks. This will ensure your board is less likely to be mobbed.

If You’re not Catching in the Air, You’re Not Doing it Right

Simple truth: You should catch in the air or your dynamics are wrong.
You need to make sure your pressure and flicks are powerful enough to lift the board high enough. Your board should not be rolling above the ground.

Use the Principle of Opposite but Equal Pressure

Don’t put 3 times as much power into your flick as your pop.
Your pop and your flick should have the same power.
You will notice a major difference in your flip tricks when you put this principle into practice.


The Best Video on Kickflips EVER

Rob teaches you how to properly kickflip on a skateboard in a VERY detailed procedure.


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