How to do a Big Spin on a Skateboard in 4 Minutes!

Rob teaches you how to do a big spin by showing you the proper foot placement, balance, and momentum in order to land the trick. The first step with them big spin is to get the spin down.

Other tips:
-Learn shuv-its prior to trying the big spin
-Focus on the 360 spin first
-Get your foot placement right
-Use leverage of your back foot over the back edge of the skateboard
-Have your front foot slightly angled behind the front four bolts
-When getting started, go very slow
-Focus on your body doing a 180 NOT on your board
-If your have your spin down, it is only your body that you need to think about. If you focus on two things at once, neither will work.
-Try pivots after you have got the bigspin down

The big spin can be a very rewarding trick.
Try it down curbs, gaps, and stairs.

Want to learn more?
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