Where Can I Take Skateboard Lessons?

The Best Places To Take Skateboard Lessons

Welcome to Beantown! Home of the Charles River Skatepark– a large concrete skatepark located beneath the Zakim Bridge. There are several places to take skate lessons. First would be Orchard Skate Shop. The shop is located on Newbury St. near Copley Plaza. You can also check out this for lessons at the Lynch Family Skatepark.

download (7)Dallas
Dallas is a huge metro-center. The number of skateboard parks and communities makes it difficult to find just one company to recommend for such a large place. Fortunately, one company services all of the skate parks in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The city of Allen offers a skateboarding camp at the Edge Skatepark. Check out Dallas Skateboarding Lessons here.

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From lessons at the Lee and Jamail Skatepark in downtown to The Woodlands Skatepark, Houston has many options for skateboarding. The city of Houston offers a skateboarding program for kids. There are also programs offered through the YMCA and youth centers. The typical price for lessons is $105-265. Private lessons are generally $199 and up. For lessons throughout Houston, you can check out Houston Skateboarding Lessons.

images (18)Los Angeles
Long considered the ‘Mecca’ for skateboarding, Los Angeles, offers many options for learning skateboarding. The city of Los Angeles offers programs through the LA Recreation Department. There are summer programs and camps offered. The Pedlow Skatepark offers some occasional classes. For those looking for lessons at Pedlow, Venice Beach, Pasadena, and the South Bay, we recommend that you check out Los Angeles Skateboarding Lessons here.

New York City

In addition to Louies, Uptown Skate School, and the New York City Parks and Rec, there are plenty of places to go for lessons. The city of New York offer skating lessons at Riverside Skatepark. We also recommend that you check out here

Phoenix is a huge city with tons of free, public, concrete skateparks. From the bowls of Peoria to the concrete volcanos at the Chandler Skatepark, there are tons of places to learn skateboarding. The city of Phoenix does not provide many skateboard programs. For an indoor experience, you may want to head down to Mesa and check out Kid’s That Rip. for those that don’t want to drive to Mesa, you should check out
Phoenix Skateboarding Lessons who are based in Scottsdale but will come to your home and teach at any skatepark in the Phoenix Metro.

San Diego
San Diego is the city of perfect weather and great skateparks. Fortunately, this means many places that offer skateboarding programs. The city of San Diego offers skateboard programs as a part of the summer camp programs. These programs have been expanded to cover the parks at Rancho Penasquitos. However, these programs are not on-going and have limitations to age and ability. If you would like an ongoing program, you should check out
SD Skate Lessons. The city of El Cajon also offers public skate lessons at Kennedy Skate Park.

San Francisco
Check out SF skateboarding lessons here.

Washington DC

The city of Washington DC does not offer many skateboard programs. You may find an occasional offering at the YMCA. Powhatan Skatepark in Arlington sometime offers private clinics through Royalty Skate School.