THE FUTURE : 5 Young Skateboarders on the Rise!

Vee Rodriguez bombs the infamous B Street in San Diego County

As a skateboard instructor, former brand owner, and team manager I have not only taught and introduced skateboarding to kids but also had the opportunity to be the first sponsor for many young talented skateboarders. I am fortunate enough to have in some way shape or form been involved with helping the following rippers progress their…

How to Find a Good Skateboard for Kids

toddler4 is your best choice for buying a beginner’s skateboard. Their goal is #1 simplicity, and #2 quality, and all the while, we keep the skateboarding equipment and skateboards inexpensive. All of the kids skateboards they sell are tested and tried by skateboarders around the country, and we bring the best – “The Goskate Board”…

DYLAN RIEDER 1988-2016


By Ruben Najera. As if 2016 wasn’t already taking away so many legends from us in the entertainment industry, we now loose one of our very own. A very sad time for skateboarding as we have lost a trendsetter, a pioneer, and an extremely talented skateboarder who inspired us with his talents on his board.…

Top 5 Rodney Mullen Video Parts


It has been 12 years since Rodney Mullen has dropped a video part. This is probably the most anticipated video part of our generation. By that I mean a video part from someone that is actually desired enough to the point where people have never ceased to ask for it. Rodney is without question one…

Show Your Stuff! Amateur Skateboarding Competitions

Half pipe

It’s been a long and controversial journey, but a proposal to make skateboarding an Olympic sport in 2020 is finally here. With the recent Olympic developments and lots of professional events going on—from the recently finished X Games to the upcoming Vans Pro Skate Park Tour—competition fever is in the air. What’s a better motivation…

Watch Tony Hawk and Jaws Skate in Zero Gravity

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 03.50.31

by Ron Darian Tony Hawk and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki have battled gravity their whole lives and now, they finally get a chance to skate without gravity. The result was perhaps a more difficult skate environment than imagined. Their experience was captured by Sony and 900 Films.

5 Surprising Facts About Pros You Know


by Ruben Najera If Skateboarding is everything then what comes second? We all come to a point in our skateboarding when we get hurt, sidelined or just plain need a small break. Its normal. It may not be for very long, but have you ever wondered what some of our industries most recognizable pros do…

Top 6 Gnarliest Hill Bombs!


by Ruben Najera Nuge bombing the fifth steepest street in AmericaBomb hills not countries! Thats a phrase I remember hearing or seeing somewhere at some point in time on some skate related product and I always thought it was awesome. By now many of you should have seen Don the “Nuge” Nguyen recent hill bombed…