Check Out This Homemade Plexiglass Skateboard

Two words: plexiglass skateboard.

The folks at Braille Skateboarding have an open challenge to their fans—that they’ll try to skate anything you want to send them (if they think it’s possible.) Their definition of possible is pretty broad, though. In this video, a fan sends them an awesome-looking, but pretty perilous, clear plastic skateboard.

It looks like something out of a science fiction movie in action, but that action seems pretty difficult. The thing is that the material is so flexible it’s like skating on Jello—skater John Hill (you can check out his own Youtube channel, too) does a pretty impressive job with it, even as we watch it twisting and wobbling under his feet.

But try as he might, this board is never going to be up to much serious skating. Which sucks, because it does look incredibly cool. Should equipment manufacturers be looking into ways to make a skateboard that looks this awesome and performs like a regular board?