GoSkate.com Customer Service Policies

Rain, Acts of God, and Inclement Weather
All GoSkate.com lessons can be redeemable for one full year (365 days) from the date of purchase. (In the case of payment plans, the date of the first payment will be used to determine the expiration.) If rain, snow, or similar weather circumstances come up, your lessons will be rescheduled. No time or lesson dates will be lost.

imgres-3Rescheduling of Lessons
Lessons may be rescheduled by the client at anytime. This includes changing the time or the day of the lessons. GoSkate.com requests that clients provide 24 hours notice in order to reschedule lessons. This is a courtesy for our instructors. If a lesson is changed/rescheduled within the 24 hours, the client will be charged for a lesson (unless the instructor grants a waiver).

Changing Locations of Lessons
GoSkate.com is proud to offer skateboarding lessons at over 2,000 skateparks throughout the United States and Canada. This means that lessons can take places at multiple locations. Some of our clients buy packages of 12 lessons and will use some lessons while on vacation in Florida and then continue the same package at their home in New Jersey. GoSkate.com is flexible with location changes. Our company asks that you inform us at the time of purchase if you would like to redeem these lessons in multiple states or cities. Many times, Go Skate is able to provide location changes free of charge. Our customer service department can not ensure your designated instructor will be available if you make changes to the location during the schedule. Our company policy requires you provide 72 hours notice to change the location of your lessons to another city and 48 hours notice to change location within the same city.

The safety of our students is our #1 priority. All of our instructors go through company certification to ensure that their teaching safely. All of our students are required to wear helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. It has shown that proper safety gear drastically reduces the chance of injury. In the case of injury, we ask you to notify our headquarters immediately -within 1 hour. Go Skate will do it’s best to connect you with the proper local medical authorities. Go Skate (Lesson Pro LLC) is not liable for any accidents before, during, or after the lessons. A waiver is signed prior to all lessons waiving the company. Skateboarding participants join our lessons at their own risk. In the case of injury, lessons can be delayed or rescheduled for up to 365 days.

Go Skate Skateboard School is passionate about helping people learn skateboarding. The company’s mission is to help as many people as possible reach their skateboarding goals. In accordance with this mission, we have implemented a refund policy which gives our students the ability to change instructors and even a refund in circumstances where Go Skate is not able to meet those goals. In order for a refund to be processed, Go Skate asks all students to allow the company to substitute an instructor with a new, more suitable one. If the second instructor is still unsuitable for the student, we will issue a full-refund for all lessons.

Go Skate only offers refunds in accordance with the paragraph above for in-person lessons. Skateboard equipment is exchangeable (unused) but non-refundable. Online skateboarding video courses are non-refundable.

(This is the latest customer service update as of April, 2016)

Call (800)-403-2405 (Extension 2) for More Information.