How to 5-0 to Fakie EASILY on a Ramp

Before you learn how to 5-0 to fakie on a ramp you should first feel comfortable with:
-How to axel stall
-How to 5-0

Weight Distribution:
When you come up and do the 5-0 to fakie, your weight will be similar to how it is for a regular 5-0. It will be mostly over the back truck. However, you will not be pushing the board out in front of you. You want control of your skateboard and in order to achieve this, you must keep your board beneath you.

As you are coming out of the 5-0 keep your weight over the wheel which on the inside of the ramp. This is going to help you bring your board back in without getting hung up on the coping.

You want to aim your top truck so that it hits the ramp beneath the coping. Use your weight to re-adjust your board straight as you land to come straight back into the ramp.

The 5-0 to fakie can be a difficult trick to learn so have lots of patience. Try it on a small ramp or bank ramp to start– less than three feet is preferable.

That is how to do a 5-0 to fakie on a skateboard. Now go out and practice yourself. Once you learn this, you can use it in combinations–like kickflip 5-0 to fakie, switch crooked grinds to fakie and a whole lot more. Go out and have lots of fun with it!