How Much do Skateboard Lessons Cost?

This page is to summarize the average costs for skateboarding lessons.

Skateboard Classes
$95-595. – Small group classes at the local YMCA and public recreation departments are usually the least expensive options. They are generally in the price range of $95-195. The typical class has about five sessions. Private camps through skateparks and skateboard schools will be pricier- $195-595.

Private Skateboard Lessons
$229-365 (Four) Lessons – One hour long sessions with an instructor
$299-399 (Four) Lessons – Two hour long sessions
$399-499 (Six) Lessons – One hour long sessions
$499-699 (Six) Lessons – Two hour long sessions

newyork150Geographical Differences

New York, California, Illinois, and Hawaii typically have the highest prices for lessons. Skate lessons are 32% higher in these areas. Prices also tend to be higher in cities and higher income areas. Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee have shown to have the cheapest prices for skateboarding lessons.

Skateboard Camp Prices

From Camp Woodward ($795-995) to PointX ($795) to GoSkate ($595), there are several differences in pricing. Some camps include cooking, lodging, and equipment. Camps usually run five to seven days. Longer camps may cost $1500-2000 for 14 days.

How Much Does a Single Skateboard Lesson Cost?

Most schools do not offer a single lesson. You will likely find pricing as part of a class or a group of lessons. Skateboarding can’t be learned in a single session. However, you may be able to find a single session of a couple couples for around $79-139.

How Much Do Skateboard Lessons in Europe Cost?

The running price in Europe tends to be the same as the United States. London has the highest prices in Europe. Average prices in London can run 20% higher than in the United States. Eastern Europe has the lowest prices on lessons. There, a single lesson, can be purchased for $35 or less.

How Do I Start Skateboarding Lessons?

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