You Must Watch This Little 7 Year-Old Ripper Skate!

2014-12-06_1755 I first saw this kid, William Watson, while I was skating at Rye. I saw him flying out of the 12′ vert ramp doing fakie ollies. I sat and watched him skate for a while. This kid is a true ripper!

He is only Seven!

I then saw this footage (below) that my friend shared on Facebook. Immediately, I know this kid is going places. How good will he be when he’s twenty?

Watch William Thrash:

This video of William Watson was shot at the Rye Airfield Vert Ramp and Clover Bowl.

To stay in touch with William, please “like” his Facebook page ( and follow him on Instagram (@wildwillwatson) and Twitter (@Will_daBeast).



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