Show Your Stuff! Amateur Skateboarding Competitions

Half pipe

It’s been a long and controversial journey, but a proposal to make skateboarding an Olympic sport in 2020 is finally here. With the recent Olympic developments and lots of professional events going on—from the recently finished X Games to the upcoming Vans Pro Skate Park Tour—competition fever is in the air. What’s a better motivation to up your game than watching pros compete? Competing yourself.

The problem is that finding good amateur skate contests can be tough. Here’s a quick guide to some ways you can get that competitive experience.

Local contests

There are lots of local level skateboarding competitions out there. Ask about it at your local skate shop, talk to people at the park, and see if there are any skateboarding Facebook groups in your area that post about local contests. They might not be as glamorous as the X Games, but they’re a great way to practice competing.


    Touring Amateur Contests

    Skate contest

    If you want to get beyond the local, your next step is touring competitions. Most of them are hosted by skating companies, they’re usually free or have a small registration fee, and they have events all over the country. You may even have a shot to win some prize money or skate at a national competition. Some of the bigger ones are Zumiez Best Foot Forward, Volcom’s Wild in the Park series, and The Boardr Am Series. Check out the internet and your skating contacts to find out if any touring series are stopping near you.

  • Zumiez Best Foot Forward

  • Volcom’s Wild in the Park series

  • The Boardr Am Series
  • Professional Contests with an Amateur Division

    If you’re tearing it up at local and touring contests, this is your next step. Lots of professional skateboarding competitions have an amateur division. The X Games, for instance, have an amateur event that you can qualify for through The Boardr Am Series. The World Cup of Skateboarding and The Boardr both list competitions that are mostly geared toward professional skaters, but often have amateur events. Look through them and read up on entrance requirements to find out more about your path onward and upward.

  • X Games

  • Tampa Pro/Am

  • Dew Tour
  • Pro Tours

  • Vans Pro Skate Park Tour
  • Maloof Money Cup
  • Street League Skateboarding