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The Camp

What is Taught:

Day One:

During the first lesson the following aspects will be provided and discussed:

  • Glossary of terms
  • The parts of a skate board
  • Proper Care of the skate board
  • Determining stance of each camper – student
  • Are they a right footed stance or a left footed stance (goofy)
  • Teach the push off and stop techniques
  • How to lift up the front two wheels (Basics to turning the board in a 90 degree up to 180 degree motion
  • Day Two:

    During the second days lessons the following will be instructed:

    • Foot breaking
    • Tic Tacking the board
    • Heel Drag
    • Half Turns
    • Large Turns
    • Crab Walking the Board
    • Old School Kick Flip
    • Proper Upper Body Positioning
    • Proper Foot Positioning

    Day Three:

    During the third day lessons the following will be instructed:

    • How to start Carving
    • is all about leaning toeside or heelside
    • How to Push up the Board
    • Solid “Ollie
    • Transitioning from & to different surfaces

    Day Four and Five:

    During the fourth day lessons the following will be instructed:

    • How to do a fakie 180
    • Pulling all the techniques together
    • Customized tricks and instruction

    At this time certificates will be handed out (we will supply the black certificate unless you give us the names of the Camper. Also at this time or before you can hand out the downloadable links to our Ultimate Guide to Skate Boarding.

    Every student will learn 2-10 tricks per hour. Beginners will be up and riding their very first lesson.

    And the link for the Two hours of DVD quality downloadable Skateboard Lessons:

    You Can Copy these and email them to the Parents of all the participating Campers.


    Full liability waivers are to signed by every parent or guardian.

    ~We believe skate parks should be used.~


    Rob Dunfey, the founder of Goskate.com

    Rob Dunfey, the founder of Goskate.com, America’s Largest Skate School. He has 14 years of experience and is personally responsible for teaching over 2,000 skaters. He created the Trick Tutor Online Learning Course and made the first nationwide skate instructor certification system. His instructional video have over 1,000,000 YouTube views. He will fly in from California to teach if that we have enough sign ups. For more info: www.YouTube.com/nufive1 or www.robdunfey.com

    One instructor should be provided for every 8-11 students. All instructors have passed background checks, safety and training tests, and have 1-9 years of experience with skateboard lessons.

    We have over 3,000 certified instructors nationwide who give lessons year-round. To find our pros near you go to: www.goskate.com

    Five-Day Camp Pricing

    Length:In ages below 7 years old, we recommend hour-long lessons.
    In ages 8 years old and up, we recommend 2.25 hour long sessions.

    Hours (flexible):8 and under from 9 am -10 am followed by 8 and up from 10:15 to 12:30 pm.

    Dates:Five Saturday’s starting on September 15th.

    Insurance is included.

    Equipment: (if needed)
    A complete beginner skateboard (of excellent quality),
    Full pads (elbow, knee pads, and wrist guards),
    and Helmet-
    $143.99 (shipped to each student before the camp)